Dec 31, 2011

The Long Journey of 2011 [In Short]

So 2011 is coming to an end. 2011 had changed me a lot. Things happened, people grew, new insights gained, personality changed, friendships gained and ended, hope survived, stepped out of comfort zone, made movies, read books and life lessons learned - some in a hard way. What an eventful year it has been, masyaAllah!

So here are some of the things Allah had permitted me to learn throughout this year:

  •  Be careful in advising people. No matter how pure your intention or how close you are to the person, some people may not take your words kindly and might lash back at you in a hurtful way. Don't be daunted. If your action is for the sake Allah SWT and because you truly care for the person, then take note that there are ways and techniques on how to advice people so that your points will come across to them successfully, insyaAllah (you can read about it after the break @ 'read more'). 
  • Give advice in private. 
"Support me with your advice in private, and avoid advising me in public. Surely giving advice among the people is a kind of reproach, which I would rather not listen to. If you disobey and ignore my wish, don’t be saddened if you are not obeyed." - Imam Ash-Shaafi'ee
  •  Do not be upset if your da'wa (e.g advice given) is not heeded. Remember that guidance is from Allah SWT. He gives it to those He wants. It is not your call. Allah won't ask how many people had turned a new leaf because of your da'wa, He will ask if you had done your responsibility as a Muslim in forbidding what is wrong and enjoining what is good.
  • When you see someone who is not as religious, remember that you were once on the edge of the fire, and it was Allah (swt)’s favor upon you to guide you. Arrogance will wipe away any goodness from the transformation. - Nouman Ali Khan
  • Take risks. Don't be afraid to try new things - it could be a very rewarding experience. Try that weirdly-named food your friend dare you to eat, talk to the girl you always bump into but never talk with, read a book/watch a movie from a genre you usually stay away from, break out from your routine.
  • Expand your horizon. Take a long drive to places you have never been before. Embrace being lost, in a couple of months you'll remember it as funny. Go on a trip with your friends to someplace different -- note the difference in scenery from your own place, take pictures, learn their culture and eat their food. 
  • Embrace the difference in you and the people around you. Always be asking yourself, "what can I learn from this person?" You will be able to significantly improve yourself as a person and as a Muslim just by asking and reflecting on this question. 
  • I learn to give my family and friends a gift from time to time. Not just my daily du'a for them but a physical, special gift. Who says you need a reason or special day to give someone a present? Give it with a sincere niat and for the sake ukhuwah and insyaAllah, Allah SWT will reward you and improve your relationship with others. Plus, it's Sunnah! :) 
  • The gift doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate to make. For example, I give my friends a small brown paper bag come exam season containing a couple packets of instant coffee, a snack like energy bar or unhealthy ones like Skittles, new pens, and a small card written with encouragement words. Or perhaps you see that your sister have been busy with work/assignment so buy her a packet of refreshing face mask to help her relax during downtime (you can find varieties of face mask at any drugstore that are relatively cheap). Anything, really. 
  • Be inspired. Find things that will make you look forward to tomorrow.  
  • It is better to be on your own than to be with people who always try to make you feel bad with negative words thinly-veiled as 'advice' or 'opinions'. They are not trying to advice you, they simply just want to put you down. This was a particularly huge blow to me as I felt deeply betrayed by the very person I trusted. I was taken aback when I finally realize that someone who I saw as my 'best friend' was actually not a friend at all. Just a jealous, pathetic person.
  • Sometimes it's better to just keep calm and selawat than to argue. Remember: The Prophet (SAW) said, "I guarantee you a house in the surrounding of Paradise for a man who avoids quarreling, even if he was right..." However, there are times when you need to speak up firmly and defend your opinion/action. Otherwise some people will try 'step' on you because they think you are weak and easy to take advantage of. I learned this the hard way. The key, is balance.
  • Most importantly, I learned that it's not a matter of where you are in this world, but it's a matter of where your heart is with Allah.. And it's not a matter of where or when you die.. but it's a matter of what's the state of your heart when you die. 
~Welcoming 2012 with open arms :) ~

Dec 17, 2011

Story: Jibril Bersujud Setelah Allah Menciptakannya

the muslim moments

Diriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda yang bermaksud: "Setelah Allah SWT selesai menciptakan Jibril as dengan bentuk yang cantik, dan Allah SWT meciptakan pula baginya 600 sayap yang panjang sayap itu antara timur dan barat (pendapat lain 124 000 sayap). Setelah itu Jibril as memandang dirinya sendiri dan berkata: "Wahai Tuhanku, adakah engkau menciptakan makhluk yang lebih baik daripada aku." Lalu Allah SWT berfirman yang bermaksud:

"Tidak." Kemudian Jibril as berdiri serta solat dua rakaat kerana syukur kepada Allah SWT, dan tiap-tiap rakaat lamanya 20,000 tahun.

Setelah selesai Jibril as solat, maka Allah SWT pun berfirman yang bermaksud:

"Whai Jibril, kamu telah menyembah aku dengan ibadah yang bersungguh-sungguh, dan tidak ada seorang pun yang menyembah kepadaKu seperti ibadah kamu, akan tetapi diakhir zaman nanti akan datang seorang Nabi yang mulia yang paling aku cintai, namanya 'Muhammad'. Dia mempunyai umat yang lemah dan sentiasa berdosa; sekiranya mereka itu mengerjakan solat dua rakaat yang hanya sebentar sahaja, dan mereka dalam keadaan lupa serta serba kurang, fikiran mereka melayang bermacam-macam dan dosa mereka pun besar juga. Maka demi kemuliaanKu dan ketinggianKu, sesungguhnya solat mereka itu aku lebih sukai dari solat mu itu. Kerana mereka mengerjakan solat atas perintahKu, sedangkan kamu mengerjakan solat bukan atas perintahKu."

Kemudian Jibril as berkata: "Ya Tuhanku, apakah yang engkau hadiahkan kepada mereka sebagai imbalan ibadah mereka?"

Lalu Allah SWT berfirman yang bermaksud:

"Ya Jibril, akan Aku berikan syurga Ma'waa sebagai tempat tinggal."

Kemudian Jibril as meminta izin kepada Allah SWT untuk melihat syurga Ma'waa. Setelah Jibril as mendapat izin dari Allah SWT maka pergilah Jibril as dengan mengembangkan sayap dan terbang, setiap dia mengembangkan dua sayapnya dia boleh menempuh jarak perjalanan 3000 tahun. Terbanglah malaikat Jibril as selama 300 tahun sehingga ia merasa letih dan lemah dan akhirnya dia turun singgah berteduh di bawah bayangan sebuah pohon dan dia sujud kepada Allah SWT lalu ia berkata di dalam sujud: "Ya Tuhanku apakah sudah aku menempuh jarak perjalanan setengahnya, atau sepertiganya, atau seperempatnya?"

Kemudian Allah SWT berfirman yang bermaksud:

"Wahai Jibril, kalau kamu dapat terbang selama 3000 tahun dan meskipun aku memberikan kekuatan kepadamu seperti kekuatan yang engkau miliki, lalu kamu terbang seperti yang telah kamu lakukan, nescaya kamu tidak akan sampai kepada sepersepuluh dari beberapa perpuluhan yang telah kuberikan kepada umat Muhammad terhadap imbalan solat dua rakaat yang mereka kerjakan."

- From Himpunan Kisah-kisah Malaikat by Muhammad Isa Selamat.

Dec 9, 2011

It's that time of the year again...

FINALS!! The bane of my existence. Winter break is almost here and lately the weather has been cold and cozy, perfect for spiced apple cider, bundling under your blanket and sleeping.

NOT studying. Alas, sometimes there are no good choices.

So here I am stocking up on my Mountain Dew supply (FTW!), chugging coffee, trying to eat healthy and failing miserably, while jotting down small notes and memorizing key points from lecture notes and textbooks.

And many students seem to adopt bipolar disorder come exam time. Some tend to be a bit jumpy and freak out about the smallest things. Recently we got stuck in the elevator for a few minutes and this one dude started to scream "Oh my God, we're gonna DIEEEE just like in The Devil!!". Seriously?

On the bright side, Allah is al-Mujeeb
Rabbi Yassir wala tu-'assir. O my Lord, make things easier for me, do not make things difficult for me.

Dec 7, 2011

Nonsense About Love

Artwork: Khazinatul Asrar
“Karou wished she could be the kind of girl who was complete unto herself, comfortable in solitude, serene. But she wasn't. She was lonely, and she feared the missingness within her as if it might expand and...cancel her. She craved a presence beside her, solid. Fingertips light at the nape of her neck and a voice meeting hers in the dark. Someone who would wait with an umbrella to walk her home in the rain, and smile like sunshine when he saw her coming. Who would dance with her on her balcony, keep his promises and know her secrets, and make a tiny world wherever he was, with just her and his arms and his whisper and her trust."
- Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Laini Taylor      

Interesting Read: Tak Couple Maka Tak Kenal? Haha ^^ by Hilal Asyraf
Beautiful Read: The Last Word: He said he was leaving. She ignored him. 

Nov 7, 2011

First in the Family

A few weeks ago, my cousin got married. All of us, the cousins, are in the same age group (more or less) so to have the first person ever in the family to get married is a HUGE deal. So of course lah everyone has to be there.

Our family is a tight-knit one but we rarely have the opportunity to see each other often. We are scattered across the globe and everyone pretty much have a hectic life. So it was quite amusing to see everyone fighting tooth and nail to make sure they can clear out their schedule that week so we can all meet up and be there for the wedding ceremony.

The beautiful couple

Due to our so-called busy lives, none of us got to be personally involved in the wedding preparation. To be completely honest, since both the bride and groom came from powerful, high-status families of Datuks and Tan Sris, I was expecting an elaborate wedding with ostentatious decorations...

However, I was surprised to learn that they had in fact planned a simple ceremony instead. How sweet and humble.

My cousin's simple Nikah ceremony

My other cousins and I were in heavy discussion about weddings in general after we went back from our cousin's wedding. How big should our wedding be? If we decide to do it small, how small is small exactly? One of them plans to held hers at Hilton but of course, the hotel's ballroom has limited seats and she doubt she could limit her guests lists to only a couple hundred people. The attendees can easily reached hundreds! I see many fb posts, newspaper articles and blog posts criticizing the size of a wedding most Malay had and I understand where their thoughts and concerns are coming from, but sometimes you. just. can't. do a small wedding!

And then there's the issue of money. What do we reckon the overall cost of the wedding would be? How about hantaran, photographer/videographer, make-up and wedding dress?? I remember thinking, in the midst of the heated discussion: "Arghh, weddings is a whole new branch of science, right up there with advanced multivariable calculus and linear algebra!"

I am waaay too young to worry about this, folks*shivers*.

Quite frankly, all I want is an elegant, private ceremony attended only by mia familia and close friends. After nikah, makan-makan for those who attended the nikah ceremony and that's it! But then, things are always easier said than done, ey?

The Newlyweds: My cousin and her husband

Anyhow, I just want to wish a hearty congratulation to my cousin on her marriage. May you and your husband enjoy a lifetime of happiness and blessings from Allah SWT, insyaAllah. 

Much love,

Sep 26, 2011

What Happened to an Ummah Known So Well?

If it benefits you, if it adds meaning to your life..

The catastrophe became eminent in 1924
The might of Islam's Khilafah was no more
The world cornered the Muslims after depleting our core
They took out their militaries and came knocking on our doors
They then began to invade our countries from every shore
They taught us nationalism, tribalism and our unity was out the door
They made us pledge to useless flags and brought their kufr to our lands
They showed us their culture and we became instant fans
We abandoned our religion and so Allah abandoned us
We broke our deal with Allah within our mutual trust
We were supposed to remain obedient and in Allah place our trust
But we fell into sins and were betrayed by our lust
Allah sent us a Messenger who taught us success:
To aim for Jannah and love this dunya much less
But we took the blessings of honor and power for granted
So when we strayed from Islam, a wake-up call we were handed
The troops of the devil in our nations quickly landed
To colonize the Muslims, with their kufr so candid
But we still didn't learn and so soon we became related
They were far from Allah and Islam is what they hated
We, too loved this Dunya, and our Iman had long faded
We didn't realize that the gates of Jannah are gated
Earning Jannah means putting desires to the side
If we expect the gates of Paradise to open for us wide
But since we abandoned Allah and forgot our religion
Allah says Be and so He carries out His decision
The worst amongst us were made to lead us
But they, too were oppressors and didn't even feed us
Allah withdrew our Khilafah and woke us up to a reality
That our success is with Allah and not with ethnic principalities
That we need to put our ethnicities and worldly love to the side
And hold firmly to the rope of Allah, not swimming with the tide
Our return to success as an Ummah resides
In following the Prophets' and Sahaba's lives
In learning about and adhering sternly to the Qur'an and the Sunnah
And implementing Allah's laws collectively as an Ummah
To rise back to the top, we must return to our Deen
Beginning with our own individual beings
Then move onto our families, communites, and nations
Establishing with Allah the best of relations
So let's invest in the Aakhira instead of over-enjoying life
And be prepared for this means considerable strife
The hatred from the mouths of the kuffar continues to emanate
The time is for Jihad, and Salam to the Believers who participate
Allah's Messenger, Sal-Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam said
That the Kuffar would attack and Muslim blood would be shed
Because we're obsessed with the Dunya and abandoned Jihad
That we love this life and would hate to be dead
And until we return to our Deen, this condition remains
That we stand humiliated until we rethink our aims
We are here to establish Islam on this Earth
So by the Will of Allah, let's give Islam a rebirth!

Source: Islamic Tube

Not Arrogant

Not that I don't want to mingle, but open interaction with the opposite sex to that degree unease me.

Not that I don't like to talk, I just prefer silence over excessive speech. Babbling Talking for the sake of talking with no regards for the consequences of my words... doesn't appeal to me.

Not that I don't want to spend time with you, but it's Maghrib, and I don't want to be outside when it's Maghrib and I have to prepare for prayers anyway.

Not that I am not a spontaneous person, but it's midnight so I really don't feel like having impromptu night out anymore. If only you understand what dangers love to come play at night...

Not that I am a cold person, I just handle my anger slightly well than you.

I am not arrogant, I'm just made this way.

Sep 7, 2011

Top Ten Things Every Student of Knowledge Should Know

By Abu Muawiyah Ismail Iskandar 

Many times young Muslims decide they want to become scholars and embark on the path of knowledge with little knowledge of what to expect. I was such a youngster who signed up for an “‘alim” course with no idea what an ‘alim is or where it would lead me.

In order to help my fellow Muslims prepare themselves psychologically and not repeat the mistakes I made, I present to you ten things I feel every student of knowledge must know (in no particular order):

1. A few years of study does not make one a scholar:

Too often, young Muslims study a few books or for a few years and then develop a “scholar” complex. They begin to force their opinions on others as if they can’t be wrong. They become intolerant to other views, and they write anybody off who disagrees with them as deviant.

We need to realize, before we even begin our journey of knowledge, that the sciences of Islam are many and deep; the variety of opinions in fiqh are multiple, and the chances of always being right are slim. I advise all of my fellow young Muslims to tread carefully, keep egos in check, approach differences with the possibility of being wrong, and never forget to say “Allah knows best”.

2. Manners come first:

In the past, most scholars would train their students in good manners before teaching them Islamic knowledge. Parents, too, would encourage their children to learn manners before the Islamic sciences.

Sadly, today many institutes do not teach good manners to their students, expecting them to automatically gain them through their study of Islam. This leads to Islamic teachers with bad manners, which in turn chases people away from Islam.

In this regard, anybody who is studying or teaching Islam must learn the proper manners of dealing with people, mercy, tolerance, and being non-judgmental and must possess a personality that attracts people; otherwise, we might do more harm than good.

3. Studying Islam does not make one immune to sin:

Some people have the misconception that if they study Islam, they will reach a level of piety from which they can’t slip. The reality is that Shaytan tries even harder to lead people of knowledge astray as it has a more detrimental effect on the community as a whole.

So instead of temptations growing less, they are more likely to increase and intensify as Shaytan tries to use every means at his disposal to lead us astray. We need to realize this, prepare for it, and never let our guard down as the Shayateen try very hard to make a knowledgeable Muslim fall astray.

4. People will judge you:

While we should not be judgmental to people as Islamic teachers, the reality is that people will still judge you. Many people are intimidated by practicing Muslims. When they see a practicing Muslim, they see their own flaws and deficiencies and so they search for fault in that individual. We should not be surprised if people judge our clothing, mannerisms or weaknesses; it is their way to try and console themselves or justify their sins. We need to always keep this in mind and be able to respond appropriately.

5. You represent your Faith:

When a person chooses to study Islam, especially once they earn a title, they automatically become a representation of the deen. When people see an Imam or a Shaykh, they expect to see a living example of Islam. If people see such a person sinning, they will either lose respect for him and become disillusioned about Islam, or they will take it as proof that it can’t be that big a sin. Either way, for an Islamic teacher, our lives represent our deen, so we should always be careful not to give a wrong impression of Islam.

6. You will be tested:

Undoubtedly, life is a test and every human is being tested all the time in different ways. However, one should not think that because one is studying Islam and teaching it, Allah will grant a life of ease and comfort. Rather, history proves that those closest to Allah are the most severely tested. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The most severely tested people are the prophets, then those closest to them in piety then those closest to them.”

Be prepared to be tested and take it as a sign that Allah loves you and wants to test your love for Him. Remember that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever embarks on a path to study Islam has embarked on the path towards Paradise.” It is not the information alone that takes a person to Paradise; it is his fulfillment of its rights by understanding, practicing and preaching it to others and dealing with all the problems that go along with this that ultimately leads to Paradise.

7. Studying should not be an end; rather it should be a step to a higher goal:

I have met many Moulanas, Imams and Shaykhs with no goals or aspirations. Despite the ummah having so many issues that need dealing with, these men don’t seem to care. Upon further analysis, I realized that they set out to study with one of the following goals: to please their parents, to get a title, or to get the knowledge. Once they obtained the knowledge, they did not know or care about what to do next, so they carried along with their lives like donkeys carrying books.

Any person who studies Islam should be introspective and find a good motivation to study. Perhaps you would like to become a da’ee and a means of guidance for non-Muslims. Perhaps you would like to establish an Islamic centre in an area that needs one. Perhaps you would like become a mujtahid in a field that is lacking many quality scholars. Whatever you decide, it should be something noble that you wish to do for the sake of Allah after completing your studies. In short, studying should not be a goal but a means to help accomplish higher goals.

8. You can’t change everyone:

In life, we do not always get what we want. Similarly, in Islamic work things don’t always go our way. Remember that not everybody you meet will agree with you, listen to you or accept your message. Rather, there will always be people who will disagree with you or flat out reject you. This is reality and we have to be prepared for this by realizing guidance is only in Allah’s Hands, and we are only responsible for conveying the message.

9. You will make mistakes:

Many of us study Islam to make up for the sins of our past. Yet, being humans, we are never free from sins and mistakes and so some people become depressed and give up Islamic work when they realize that they are now knowledgeable but still occasionally fall into sin.

The truth is that the Shaytan wants us to quit and by doing so we are just playing into his hands, but Allah is Most Forgiving to those who repent. Every time you fall down and make a mistake, pick yourself back up, turn to Allah in repentance and try again to be a good Muslim, and never EVER allow your sins or mistakes stop you from doing Islamic work. Rather, it should motivate us to do more Islamic work so that our good deeds outweigh our sins on the Last Day.

10. The reward for studying and teaching Islam is worth it:

While most of the above make it seem like Islamic Work is a difficult field, that is not the purpose of this article. The purpose was solely to prepare for the many challenges and responsibilities we face while trying to serve Allah.

The reality is that the reward of dealing with all of the above is truly worth it, whether it is the rewards in this world or in the akhirah. As far as the akhirah goes, we know that the path of knowledge leads to Paradise but additional to that is the fact that insha’Allah you will get the rewards for the good deeds of those you teach or inspire to do good.

In this sense, it is one of the only good deeds we can do where the reward keeps multiplying. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: charity which continues to benefit, knowledge he left behind which people benefit from, and righteous children who pray for him.”

As far as this world goes, the greatest reward an Islamic worker can receive in this world is seeing the fruits of his efforts. When a person tells you they changed and became a better Muslim because of your influence or when a person takes their shahadah at your hands, there is no feeling equal to it, and any sacrifice you have being through for the deen feels worth it.

So, my beloved brothers and sisters, let us study Islam, seeking its rewards yet knowing the responsibilities and trials that go along with it. I wrote this firstly as a reminder to myself as well as to anybody else involved in the field of Islamic Studies. May Allah keep us all steadfast on His deen. Ameen.

Source: MuslimMatters

Jul 22, 2011

Post-Potter Depression

8 days since I last watched the last Harry Potter movies.

I'm still in post-potter depression.

I've re-watched the films.

Now rereading all seven books...

Thank you J.K Rowling for the best seven years of my life.

Thank you for introducing Hogwarts to me and teaching me about love, friendship and courage.

Potterheads, be strong.

Potterheads, promise me that you will give your children Harry Potter to read. 

But hey, lucky we've still got tumblr to soothe our heartache ^^

~Oh, yeahh.

Jul 21, 2011

Masih Ada

Young men  praying even though their hands were cuffed during the BERSIH rally

di balik lorong gelap gelita
di balik pekik lolong si penjaja
di balik hutan konkrit kotaraya
di balik murah-murah rambang mata
di balik tangan kasihan meminta-minta
di balik dunia terbalik lelaki dan wanita
di balik pusu-pusu transportasi
di balik muzik jalanan sana sini

sebenarnya ada seperca cahaya
di balik mega senja untuk anak-anak merdeka
he's awesome 

p/s: Walau tangan berikat, tanggungjawab untuk menyembah Allah Yang Maha Esa pasti tidak akan dilupakan

Jul 20, 2011

My Fahri ♥

My Fahri is waiting for me,
Just as I am waiting for him.
My Fahri preserves himself & lowers his gaze
Till he meets me & be amazed.

My Fahri speaks gently
and advises much.
My Fahri restricts his dating-fun
Till he meets me, his beloved one.

My Fahri fears Allah
and never miss prayers.
My Fahri cries over his past sins at night
Till I come by & make him feel light.

My Fahri loves the Prophet
and tries to emulate him.
My Fahri will take my breath away
in real life, just as in my dream.

My Fahri never forgets his siwak
and tries to always have wudhu’.
My Fahri treats the sunnah as wajib
& leaves the subha for fear of making a slip.

My Fahri will be shy
when we finally meet.
And make me blush
& I’ll stare at my feet.

My Fahri will love me for my efforts today
and forget my past as I forget his.
My Fahri & I will build a bond
with parents’ blessings, 2 rings, & our first kiss.

My Fahri will whisper sweet words to me
that has never been heard by another girl before.
My Fahri & I will create memories
of jemaah prayers, qiyamulail, & more.

My Fahri will read the Qur’an to me when I am down
& I will read to him when he asks me to.
My Fahri, my Imam, in this life & the next,
Do you know that I am missing you?

My Fahri will understand my dreams & goals
and will support me in my quest for ma’rifatulLah
My Fahri does not distract & obstruct me
but increases my love for the Prophet & Allah.

My Fahri will always greet me with a smile
even if he’s had a bad day at the office.
And I in turn will adorn myself & wait at the door
smelling nice & looking good & ready with a kiss.

My Fahri will share with me his deepest secrets,
his many dreams & biggest fears.
I will be his wife & best friend,
his comforter, his recharge & wiper of tears.

My Fahri & I will take turns
to wake the other up for tahajjud.
My Fahri will still call me gorgeous
when I’m not looking too good.

My Fahri will never raise his voice at me
but advise & admonish me firmly.
My Fahri will know I cry easily
and will cry with me or wipe my tears for me.

My dear Fahri, I hope you know I’ll always need you
despite my notorious independent streak.
This girl will love you more than all her books
that has made her into this geek.

My Fahri will love my parents as if they were his
and I will care for his parents like they were mine.
My Fahri reads widely, thinks deeply & prepares for the next Life
but never neglects me in his dua, like he is always in mine.

My Fahri & I will love for Allah
we’ll make a great tag team.
My Fahri is waiting for me,
just as I am waiting for him.

p/s: Ideal itu bagus but do take off your rose-tinted glasses when reading this.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Upon Him) said:
"The believers who show the most perfect Faith are those who have the best behaviour,
and the best of you are those who are the best to their wives."

The Real Reasons Why Prophet Muhammad SAW Marry Many Wives

When Muhammad was twenty-five years old he married for the first time. His wife, Khadijah, was fifteen years older than him. She remained the only wife of the prophet for the next twenty-five years, until she died (may Allah be pleased with her).

Only after her death did the prophet marry other women. Now, it is obvious that if the prophet was after physical pleasure he did not have to wait until he was more than fifty years old to start marrying more wives. He lived in a society in which it was quite acceptable to have many wives. But the prophet remained devoted to his only wife for twenty-five years. When she died she was sixty-five years old.

His later marriages were for various reasons. Some marriages were with the view to help the women whose husbands had been killed while they were defending their faith. Others were with a view to cement relationships with devoted followers like Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him. Yet others were to build bridges with various tribes who were otherwise at war with the Muslims. When the prophet became their relative through marriage, their hostilities calmed down, and much bloodshed was averted.

Recent non-Muslim writers who had the opportunity to study the life of the prophet first-hand reached a similar conclusion about his plural marriages.

John L. Esposito, Professor of Religion and Director of the Centre for International Studies at the College of the Holy Cross, says that most of these marriages had "political and social motives" (Islam: The Straight Path, Oxford University Press, 1988, p. 19). This he explained as follows:

As was customary for Arab chiefs, many were political marriages to cement alliances. Others were marriages to the widows of his companions who had fallen in combat and were in need of protection (John L. Esposito, Islam: The Straight Path, pp. 19-20).

Esposito reminds us of the following historical fact:

Though less common, polygyny was also permitted in biblical and even in post-biblical Judaism. From Abraham, David, and Solomon down to the reformation period, polygyny was practiced (p. 19).

Another non-Muslim Caesar E. Farah writes as follows:

In the prime of his youth and adult years Muhammad remained thoroughly devoted to Khadijah and would have none other for consort. This was an age that looked upon plural marriages with favor and in a society that in pre-biblical and post-biblical days considered polygamy an essential feature of social existence. David had six wives and numerous concubines (2 Samuel 5:13; 1 Chronicles 3:1-9, 14:3) and Solomon was said to have had as many as 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:3). Solomon's son Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines (2 Chronicles 11:21). The New Testament contains no specific injunction against plural marriages. It was commonplace for the nobility among the Christians and Jews to contract plural marriages. Luther spoke of it with toleration (Caesar E. Farah, Islam: Beliefs and Observances, 4th edition, Barron?s, U.S. 1987, p. 69).

Caesar Farah then concluded that Muhammad's plural marriages were due "partly to political reasons and partly to his concern for the wives of his companions who had fallen in battle defending the nascent Islamic community" (p. 69).

When people hear that the prophet had many wives they conclude without much thought that the prophet was a sensuous man. However, a quick historical review of his marriages, proves otherwise.

Many questions had been asked regarding this matter. Some were genuinely curious, some were just trying to provoke me. It is good to find an answer with non-Muslims pov. Alhamdulillah. :)

Jul 19, 2011

The Importance of Salat

This following article has helped so much in altering my perspective on the importance of solat. Before, I only did it because everyone else is doing it. People keep repeating how important solat is but I never really know why I have to do it and if I missed one prayer it didn't particularly bother me in any way. That had changed now. Alhamdulillah Allah has shown the right path.

Realizing how vital solat is and adhering to it vigilantly + doing supplementary prayers has completely change my life for the better. I have found the missing pieces in my heart. I am no more lost or broken. With prayers, Allah will give you nothing else in this world can give to you no matter how rich, 'happy' you are - a step to Inner Peace.

My hope is that this piece will help to change someone, somewhere too, Insya-allah.


When I was researching this, I was surprised to see how few sources we have which encourage salat and so many that instruct. Especially in light of the fact that so many of our brothers and sisters have abandoned the salat --- May Allah guide us all.
Some of the greatest blessings imaginable are so simple yet we try so hard to make them so unattainable. Great rewards are the blessings that Allah has given us for various acts that we perform. The greatest of them all is the salat. Allah has enjoined on us five prayers a day. Simple, efficient, and packed with benefit, this small amount of time that we spend in remembrance of Allah, speaking to Him, seeking from Him, gaining from Him...this short time that we give to Him from the multitude of time He has given us is so tiny, yet so power-packed.

Imagine the honor Allah has bestowed upon us by actually providing us with a time and a place for a private audience with Him. When we pray, we are actually talking to Allah who is listening to us and will, if we are sincere and humble in our supplications, grant us what we ask. Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, "A faithful believer while in prayer is speaking in private to his Lord..." Sahih Buykhari: Volume 1, Book 8, Number 405:

Just the blessing and honor we get from reciting the Fatiha in our salat should be sufficient incentive for us, but the unfortunate truth is that it is not.

Narrated AbuHurayrah: The Apostle (peace_be_upon_him) said: If anyone observes prayer in which he does not recite Umm al-Qur'an, it is deficient (he said this three times) and incomplete. It was said to AbuHurayrah: At times we are behind the Imam. He said: Recite it inwardly, for he had heard the Messenger of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) declare that Allah the Exalted had said: I have divided the prayer into two halves between Me and My servant, and My servant will receive what he asks for. When the servant says: Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe, Allah the Most High says: My servant has praised Me. And when he (the servant) says: The Most Compassionate, the Merciful, Allah the Most High says: My servant has lauded Me. When he (the servant) says: Master of the Day of Judgment, He remarks: My servant has glorified Me, and sometimes He will say: My servant entrusted (his affairs) to Me. When he (the worshipper) says: Thee do we worship and of Thee do we ask help, He (Allah) says: This is between Me and My servant, and My servant will receive what he asks for. Then, when he (the worshipper) says: Guide us to the straight path, the path of those to whom Thou hast been Gracious--not of those who have incurred Thy displeasure, nor of those who have gone astray, He (Allah) says: This is for My servant, and My servant will receive what he asks for. Sahih Muslim: Book 4, Number 0775.

The immensity of this honor is mind-boggling if we really think about it in its reality. Reciting Quraan, the Words of Allah -- Speaking directly to Allah! Think about it in worldly terms. May of us are awe - struck by even the lowest of creatures on this earth. Some of us would literally be left speechless if we were to have an opportunity to meet with one of these kafir singers or some King or President, but we take our audience with Allah so casually that we sometimes have the audacity to blow it off. We don't even show up. Allah guide us!!!! Even though, Allah has promised us to accept the sincere prayers and to reward them :

Allah says:

And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way. 2:186


Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. 2:277


But the firm in knowledge among them and the believers believe in what has been revealed to. you and what was revealed before you, and those who keep up prayers and those who give the poor-rate and the believers in Allah and the last day, these it is whom We will give a mighty reward. 004.162

Allah does not need us. We need Him. We must call upon Him to achieve in this life and the next. He is our Creator and our Master. Our Rabb (Lord) and our Malik (King). He is the one who deserves all the awe, fear, love, respect and reverence, but in our petty life-mindedness, we forget this or ignore it or, Allah forbid, disbelieve in it.

Allah says:

O you who believe! whoever from among you turns back from his religion, then Allah will bring a people, He shall love them and they shall love Him, lowly before the believers, mighty against the unbelievers, they shall strive hard in Allah's way and shall not fear the censure of any censurer; this is Allah's Face, He gives it to whom He pleases, and Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing. Your (real) friends are (no less than) Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- those who establish regular prayers and regular charity, and they bow down humbly (in worship). 5:54-55

Does nothing affect us anymore or even faze us? Are our hearts and souls sealed so tightly? We must recognize the power and importance of the prayers. We must establish them, and we must seek the blessings which accompany them. Otherwise, we are beyond lost.

Yet, instead of doing this, we are consistently calling upon that which has no true power to help us or hurt us. We give our awe and our respect to the Kings of the earth and devalue the King of the Worlds. How many of us -- out of fear or shame --- will remove our coverings or our beards because we fear losing an employment opportunity or fear jail? Too many of us have done it already.

I have seen brothers and sisters leave their salat -- waiting till they arrive at their home -- after the prayer times have elapsed --- because they were at work or at school and/or they either did not want to be seen in public doing this thing or were afraid of their boss or their teacher's reaction or --- the silliest yet -- because the available locations were not up to their comfort standards. Ya Allah! How far has the Muslim fallen that we had a prophet who prostrated in the mud but his followers can not prostrate on cement or concrete instead of nice cushy carpet or sweet grass?

When will we remember and adhere to the words of Allah?

Say: Shall we call on that besides Allah, which does not benefit us nor harm us, and shall we be returned back on our heels after Allah has guided us, like him whom the Shaitans have made to fall down perplexed in the earth? He has companions who call him to the right way, (saying): Come to us. Say: Surely the guidance of Allah, that is the (true) guidance, and we are commanded that we should submit to the Lord of the worlds. And to establish worship and be dutiful to Him, and He it is unto Whom ye will be gathered. 6:71-72


Every soul will taste of death. And ye will be paid on the Day of Resurrection only that which ye have fairly earned. Whoso is removed from the Fire and is made to enter paradise, he indeed is triumphant. The life of this world is but comfort of illusion. 3:185.

Brothers and sisters, I beg you, for your own soul's sakes. Let us stop fearing social reactions. Let us stop following the ways of Shaytan. Let us stop worrying about our own comforts. Let us stop worshipping these things with our actions or inaction and let us return to worshipping, fearing and loving Allah.

Allah has made it so easy for us to worship Him. If you can't do it standing, sit. If you can't do it sitting, lie down. If you can't move your trunk, move your head. If you can't move your head, move your eyes. If you can't move even your eyes, at least move your heart!

I challenge anyone to find one other activity so blessed by Allah or man. Can you go to your employer for one hour a day and reap as much reward? Can you be a student for an hour a day and get such reward? What activity can you do that will give you so much for so little, and if this is not enough, to make it even easier, this hour --- this insignificant morsel of time --- is divided up into five periods over twenty-four hours. Subhana Allah! Allah is truly the Most Generous, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent!

You want more easy blessings? What about this?

A man questioned his companions, "If there was a river at the door of anyone of you, and he took a bath in it five times a day would you notice any dirt on him?" They said, "Not a trace of dirt would be left. That is the example of the five prayers with which Allah blots out (annuls) evil deeds." This was narrated from our beloved Prophet by Abu Huraira: Sahih Bukhari: Volume 1, Book 10, Number 506:


Narrated Uthman ibn Affan: I heard Allah's Apostle (peace_be_upon_him) say: When the time for a prescribed prayer comes, if any Muslim performs ablution well and offers his prayer) with humility and bowing, it will be an expiation for his past sins, so long as he has not committed a major sin; and this applies to for all times. Sahih Muslim: Book 2, Number 0441:

What a blessing! Something so simple -- praying --- blots out every single one of the minor sins committed till we are as clean from our sins as a man who bathes five times a day is clean from the dirt. What more can we ask for? What greater ease is there in gaining the pleasure of Allah? Allah has commanded us to pray. The fear of burning forever in the hellfire should be enough to motivate us to perform this duty, but Allah, in His infinite Mercy and Justice has given us both the carrot and the stick. Don't pray, and He will punish you. Pray, and the blessings you get are beyond description: Paradise everlasting. Subhana Allah! One spot in paradise is worth all of this world and everything in it!!!!

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "A place in Paradise as small as a bow is better than all that on which the sun rises and sets (i.e. all the world)." He also said, "A single endeavor in Allah's Cause in the afternoon or in the forenoon is better than all that on which the sun rises and sets." Sahih Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 52, Number 51.

Why so great a punishment and so great a reward? Because Allah created us for one purpose alone, to worship Him. Allah says,

I created the jinn and man only that they might worship Me. 51:56

We are here only to worship Allah, not to get that perfect job, that house, that car, that man, that woman, that degree, that (fill in your own blank). We are the slaves of Allah. As such, we need to show our gratitude for the blessings He has bestowed on us. Can you see? Can you walk? Can you hear? Can you speak? Can you love? Can you work? Can you study? Can you feel? Choose a blessing, and show the proper gratitude. For the doctor who removes our appendix in the nick of time, we shower him with thanks. For the teacher who gave us the recommendation that got us into college, we are eternally grateful, but to Allah who gave us everything we have, we can not find the hour a day to thank Him? Where are our priorities?

Don't get me wrong. Gratitude to the one who helps is part of the Islamic character: The prophet said "Those who are not grateful to the people are not grateful to Allah" (sahih) We have to be grateful to those who help us, but we can never forget that the greatest gratitude belongs to Allah. It is His right upon us!

Narrated Mu'adh: I was a companion rider of the Prophet on a donkey called 'Ufair. The Prophet asked, "O Mu'adh! Do you know what Allah's right on His slaves is, and what the right of His slaves on Him is?" I replied, "Allah and His Apostle know better." He said, "Allah's right on His slaves is that they should worship Him (Alone) and should not worship any besides Him. And slave's right on Allah is that He should not punish him who worships none besides Him." I said, "O Allah's Apostle! Should I not inform the people of this good news?" He said, "Do not inform them of it, lest they should depend on it (absolutely)." Sahih Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 52, Number 108.

If all this, Paradise everlasting, is not enough, as a prize for our gratitude and our seeking of His pleasure, Allah has promised us the greatest of gifts: the more we attempt to reach Allah's Pleasure, the closer He will come to us.

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "Allah says: 'I am just as My slave thinks I am, (i.e. I am able to do for him what he thinks I can do for him) and I am with him if He remembers Me. If he remembers Me in himself, I too, remember him in Myself; and if he remembers Me in a group of people, I remember him in a group that is better than they; and if he comes one span nearer to Me, I go one cubit nearer to him; and if he comes one cubit nearer to Me, I go a distance of two outstretched arms nearer to him; and if he comes to Me walking, I go to him running.' “Sahih Bukhari: Volume 9, Book 93, Number 502.

Allah will come to us if we make even the smallest attempt to come to Him. Allah. Imagine that. Allah -- the Most Supreme, the One who needs us not, the One who Provides and needs no provision, the One who Gives Life and takes Life. Allah!

He will come to us -- all we have to do is draw nearer to Him. Him! Yes, none other than Allah!

Please. Take a second. Reflect on the magnitude of this. Really reflect on it. This is huge! This is the honor of honors. For the one who has no faith, there is no way to instill in him the immense blessing that is found in an audience with Allah. Here we are -- piddly humans, insignificant creatures who deserve neither Allah's forgiveness nor His favors, but rather we deserve His contempt because of all the evil we create. Yet, in spite of our unworthiness, in spite of the fact that we are so low in comparison to Him, Allah has promised to listen to, accept and respond to our prayers. Alhamdulillah rabi al Alamiin. La ilaha ila anta subhanak ini kuntu min adhaleemeen. (None has the right to be worshipped except you. How perfect you are. Verily I was among the wrongdoers).

I can not emphasize this enough. Please! Think about it! Who is Allah?? He is the All Powerful, the All Mighty. Do we deserve such an honor? Do we even consider it an honor anymore? We had companions who were so awestruck by the magnitude of Allah's Mercy in listening to us that when they went to make salat, they almost fainted from the fear and awe at the thought of having an audience with Allah. But today, we have no time to keep our appointment with Allah. The job, the kids, the school, are all too important to neglect, but Allah --- He can wait. Authu billah! I seek refuge in Allah from Allah! May Allah guide those of us who can not find the time for Him. What a great loss they have cursed themselves with. Listen to this with your hearts.

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "Angels keep on descending from and ascending to the Heaven in turn, some at night and some by daytime, and all of them assemble together at the time of the Fajr and 'Asr prayers. Then those who have stayed with you over-night, ascent unto Allah Who asks them, and He knows the answer better than they, "How have you left My slaves?" They reply, "We have left them praying as we found them praying." If anyone of you says "Amin" (during the Prayer at the end of the recitation of Surat-al-Faitiha), and the angels in Heaven say the same, and the two sayings coincide, all his past sins will be forgiven." Sahih Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 54, Number 446.

What will these angels say about us? "We left him/her watching TV, Allah, as we found him/her ?", "We left him/her chatting on the computer, Allah, as we found him/her ?", "We left him/her at his lucrative job, Allah, as we found him/her ?", "We left him/her sleeping, Allah, as we found him/her?", "We left him/her studying, Allah, as we found him/her?" or "We left him/her praying as we found him/her praying?"

You decide how you want your case presented to Allah.

My dear brothers and sisters: Al deenu naseeha (The religion is advice) and advice profits the believers, so I leave you with the following -- the greatest advice ever given, the words of Allah.

Say: "My Lord hath commanded justice; and that ye set your whole selves (to Him) at every time and place of prayer, and call upon Him, making your devotion sincere as in His sight: such as He created you in the beginning, so shall ye return." 7:029


Say: "Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds: 6:162 

Source: Shariffa Carlo @ IslamWay

Jun 22, 2011

Rejoice, strangers!

in the midst

"Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers."
[Sahih Muslim]

Jun 6, 2011

About Being Safe

Listen to your instincts. Your instincts are the one tool that you always have but don't always use. It is a culmination of all your experiences and all you have learned. It is a built in warning system that humans have that we are socialized away from relying on. It is a built in life saver. Cops learn to trust it. Military personnel live by it. All of them survive in much more dangerous situations than the average person, because the trust their instincts.

      - Jim Clemente, retired Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico & advisor for the hit tv series, Criminal Minds

Jun 2, 2011

L'homme est un loup pour l'homme.

“People think it’s the beast that makes us lose our sanity. They think the beast takes over and we become loup. Animals don’t destroy each other for pure pleasure. They don’t have serial killers. They kill, they don’t murder. No, it’s not the beast in us that makes us lose our balance. It’s the man. Of all the animals, we’re the most aggressive and the most predatory. We have to be, otherwise we would’ve never survived. You can see it in children, especially adolescents. Life is hard for them, so they attack it and fight for their own place in it. Homo homini lupus.”

Apr 14, 2011

Here's the thing,

I'm not perfect. I'm not nice. I don't wake up everyday thinking this world is a shiny shiny place. I am 'Jayde' beause I'm jaded.

I made mistakes and I'm not sweet. I'm not your innocent girl next-door. No, not me.

Why am I saying this?

Nothing, just making things straight.

That is why I won't judge you. I am not better than you. We ALL make mistakes. Sometimes we screwed up so bad we asked ourselves how did things turn out that way. Sometimes we are so messed up we just wanted to run. Escapism never look so sweet.

Sometimes we become tired of fighting the demons on our back who keep whispering doubts and lost hopes. We just want to stop. Stop trying, stop fighting, stop hoping, stop caring, stop everything. And you just want to surrender, like floating in a cool river - calm and off-centered - and let the tide carry you to wherever it wishes. 

Sometimes we just want to forget, forget, forget and not give a damn. Then we asked ourselves, is that so bad?

We wish we are a better person. We wish we are perfect. Because those who love us deserve someone better. We feel lowly and we start to hate ourselves. We hope we can make things better for them but somehow things got out of hand. 

You want things to go back to how it was before but it seems too late. The door has closed, the train has departed and the plane is already across the sky. So you spiral out of control and accept your fate. It is how it is. Let's keep going this way, let's keep messing up just to see how screwed up beyond repair we can be. It's too late. We are lost. Most importantly, we are alone.

You laugh but it sounds hollow. You smile but it feels weird, like your brain forgot the real shape. You do things but you feel empty. You no longer know peace.  

You unravel.

But, (There is always a 'but') maybe, if we can scrounge up enough courage, we can remind ourselves that we are still breathing. We bleed so that must means our heart still pumping. We are here. We see colors, we taste flavors and we still hear the bass pumping in our ear drums. We are alive.

Why are we still here? That must mean something, right?

Maybe we can go back after all. It must not be too late because Allah still let us live. 

Our Creator still let us live. He still gives us ni'mat of breathing, feeling, hearing, smelling, seeing, family, friends, health and time. We still have time. We need to call up the courage to remember that Allah says it is NEVER too late and it is never too much:

O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great at it.

[It was related by at-Tirmidhi (also by Ahmad ibn Hanbal). Its Isnad (chain of authorities) is sound.]

So "Call upon your Lord Humbly and in secret" (Surah A'raf, 7:55)

What I'm trying to tell you is,
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
You messed up. I messed up. I understand. I accept your better and your worse.
I'm not going to look at you and judge you. Screw those who do.
We ALL have our own battles to fight.

LIVE. Have courage, have courage, have courage.

Mar 14, 2011

Bila Tuhan Berbicara

Tsunami Wave in Japan

Kita biarkan Allah SWT menggerakkan 'bala tenteraNya.
Tugas kita adalah, menjadi yang 'layak' dibantu olehNya.
Percaya, Percaya, Percaya dan Percaya.
Sambil amal dan usaha mengiringi kita.
                                                 - Hilal Asyraf

Kalau terjadi malapetaka, kita sentiasa ingat ini kemungkaran Tuhan sahaja. Benarkah begitu?
Allah berfirman dalam surah az-Zukhruf ayat 48: Dan Kami timpakan kepada mereka azab supaya kembali ke jalan yang benar. Ayat ini menunjukkan Allah memberi kirafah kepada manusia. Kifarah ialah satu ujian atau tebusan yang Allah berikan kepada manusia kerana terlanjur melakukan dosa dan kesalahan. Oleh kasih sayang Allah, Tuhan tidak mahu dia diseksa di akhirat maka diberi dahulu azab yang ringan di dunia supaya dia beringat dan bertaubat.
Apa yang berlaku boleh jadi juga satu bala seperti yang dialami oleh umat Nabi Nuh, kaum Add dan Tsamud dan lain lain. Seperti firman Allah dalam surah at-Taubah ayat 74 di mana Allah menyatakan: Dan jika mereka berpaling, nescaya Allah akan mengazab mereka dengan azab yang pedih di dunia dan akhirat.
Mungkin juga ini semua satu ibtila’ iaitu ujian ke atas orang baik supaya mereka melakukan kebaikan dan menggandakan kebaikkannya lagi. Ibtila’ ialah ujian ke atas orang yang baik supaya mereka mendapat pahala sabar, syukur, redha, pemaaf dan qanaah dari Tuhan. Ini Allah firmankan dalam surah al-Baqarah ayat 214: Apakah kamu mengira akan masuk ke dalam syurga sedangkan kepada kamu belum datang penderitaan sebagaimana yang dideritai orang-orang terdahulu daripada kamu, iaitu mereka ditimpa kesensaraan, kemelaratan, dan kegoncangan, sehingga Rasul dan orang-orang yang beriman bersamanya merintih: Bilakah datangnya pertolongan Allah.
Malapetaka berlaku kerana kita terlupakan dua kekuatan yang ada pada kita iaitu fikir dan zikir. Lemah zikir kerana kita kurang menghayati ilmu wahyu sedang kita juga lemah fikir hingga mundur serba-serbi dari orang lain dalam bidang sains dan teknologi. Vulkanologis penakut dan pemalas ini satu buktinya.
- Dr Haji Faizal Tehrani, Bila Tuhan Berbicara, 2007, pg 52-53

My heart goes to all of my sisters and brothers of Humanity in Japan

Apakah penduduk negeri itu merasakan aman dari bala Allah pada waktu malam ketika mereka sedang tidur. Apakah penduduk negeri itu merasa aman dari bala Allah pada waktu pagi sedang mereka bermain atau bekerja. Apakah mereka merasa aman dari azab Allah(jadi mereka boleh hidup berseronok hingga melanggar hukum Allah). Tidaklah yang merasa aman dari azab Allah melainkan orang yang rugi.” (Al-A’raaf 98-99)

Mar 9, 2011

Has Not The Time Yet Come?

This 123 years old masjid remains strong

Has not the time yet come for those who believe that their hearts should be humble for the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth? And ~ that) they should not be like those who were given the Book before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient. (Quran 57:16)

Before & after pictures showing only the masjid remained standing
 Another masjid surviving the tsunami

Amidst the disarrayed surroundings, at least 28 masjid remain intact.


"Mankind's reckoning has drawn very close to them, yet they heedlessly turn away." (Al-Anbiya': 1)

Allah SWT had given us so many reminders but yet we continuously ignored them. 
Has not the time yet come for us to go back to our Deen?

An explanation one can deduct from this phenomenon is: 

First, we need to understand that this world and 90% of its occupants sits in the Beta brain waves (e.g stress, working, active thought processes) while the Adhan (Islamic call to prayer called out by the Muazzin in the masjid five times a day) is in the Theta Brain Waves*.

*[Theta Brain Waves are the second slowest frequency of brain waves. They typically cycle at a rate of 4-7 times per second (4 Hz – 7 Hz). Theta Brain Waves have long been associated with early stages of sleep and the process of dreaming. Theta Brain Waves are of high amplitude and usually kick in when you experience powerful surges of emotion. Theta Waves have been associated with states of enhanced creativity, “Super Learning,” deeper relaxation, day-dreaming, and sleep-dream activity.]

Secondly, this world will perish without the theta waves. The Adhan - which belongs to theta waves - functions to stabilize i.e 'relaxes' the world from frequencies that are too high or too low (Halaqah, TV9, February 7 2010).

What many of us do not know is, the recitation of the Adhan revolves around the Earth 24 hours a day non-stop! Subhanallah!
It is an established fact that there is not a single moment when hundreds of thousands of Muazzins around the world are not reciting the Adhan on the surface of this earth. Indeed, this is a true miracle of Almighty Allah.

"Have a look at a map of the world and you will find Indonesia on the eastern side of the earth. The major cities of Indonesia are Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Saibil. As soon as dawn breaks on the eastern side of Saibil, at approximately 5:30 am local time, Fajar Azaan begins. Thousands of Muazzins in Indonesia begin reciting the Azaan. The process advances towards West Indonesia. One and a half hours after the Azaan has been completed in Saibil, it echoes in Jakarta. Sumatra then follows suit and before this auspicious process of calling Azaan ends in Indonesia, it has already begun in Malaysia.

Burma is next in line, and within an hour of its beginning in Jakarta, it reaches Dacca, the capital city of Bangladesh. After Bangladesh, it has already prevailed in western India, from Calcutta to Srinagar. It then advances towards Bombay and the environment of entire India resounds with this proclamation. Srinagar and Sialkot (a north city in Pakistan) have the same timing for Azaan. The time difference between Sialkot, Quetta, and Karachi is forty minutes, and within this time, Fajar Azaan is heard throughout Pakistan. Before it ends there, it has already begun in Afghanistan and Muscat.
The time difference between Muscat and Baghdad is one hour. Azaan resounds during this one hour in the environments of Hijaaz-e-Muqaddas (Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah), Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Iraq.

The time difference between Baghdad and Alexandria in >>Egypt is again one hour. Azaan continues to resound in Syria, Egypt, Somalia and Sudan during this hour. The time difference between eastern and western Turkey is one and a half hours, and during this Alexandria and Tripoli (capital of Libya) are located at one hour's difference. The process of calling Azaan thus continues throughout the whole of Africa. Therefore, the proclamation of the "Tawheed" and "Risaalat" that had begun in Indonesia reaches the Eastern Shore of the Atlantic Ocean after nine and half hours.  
Prior to the Aazaan reaching the shores of the Atlantic, the process of "Zohar Azaan" has already started in east Indonesia, and before it reaches Dacca , "Asr Azaan" has started. This has hardly reached Jakarta one and half hours later, the time of "Maghrib" becomes due, and no sooner has "Maghrib" time reached Sumatra, the time for calling "Isha Azaan" has commenced in Saibil! When the Muazzins of Indonesia are calling out "Fajar Azaan", the African Muazzins are calling the Azaan for Isha.
If we were to ponder over this phenomenon thoughtfully, we would conclude the amazing fact that there is not even a single moment when hundreds of thousands of Muazzins around the world are not reciting the Azaan on the surface of this earth." 

Now, where is the adhan called in? The masjid, true? So it would make sense for the masjid to be the most stabilize place in any area in this world thus enabling it to survive the tsunami waves! 

But then, we must not forget the recounts of the tsunami's survivors in 2004 on how the waves seemed to part when it reached the masjid.

I remember watching a show on Astro Oasis where they interviewed the survivors in Acheh about how it was when the tsunami hit their land. Many of the survivors who were interviewed, were those who when the chaos broke out, all they could think about was seeking refuge at the masjid. Subhanallah!

Many of us would have run to the highest point on the land (e.g. tall buildings, high hills, trees, etc) but these people thought of nothing but to run as fast as they can to God's House! Mind you, most masjid are not exactly build on high places but usually right at the heart of the town. Subhanallah. Just one of many ways on how Allah showed us the characteristics of His true believers. I felt so humbled and ashamed of myself.

Those who were in the masjid told the Astro Oasis's reporters that the huge waves simply parted when it reached the masjid. In some cases, the water did not even enter the masjid's compound!

"Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, "be", and it is!" (Quran 36:82)

They also recounted that the first water waves that hit the land were hot, as in boiling hot. On the other hand, the second waves were acrid black and poisonous. Many people who were hit by the second waves died with symptoms of being poison (e.g froth around the mouth). 

Another thing that I thing all of us can take heed on (especially my Muslim sisters) is:

If you ever saw pictures of the corpses of the people who died in the tsunami, most of them were naked. However, local volunteers said that the bodies of people who cover their aurah when they were alive were perfectly covered! An old man theorized that, if you cover your shame while you are alive, Allah SWT will cover your shame when you die. I felt like crying after I heard what he said.

O Allah, I seek forgiveness from you for me and my Muslim brothers and sisters. Forgive us our sins for there is no one who can forgive sins except You.

Let us all take heed my brothers and sisters. Has not the time yet come for us to go back to our Deen? 

Has not the time yet come for those who believe that their hearts should be humble for the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth? And ~ that) they should not be like those who were given the Book before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient. (Quran 57:16)

May Allah bless, always. 


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