Sep 26, 2011

Not Arrogant

Not that I don't want to mingle, but open interaction with the opposite sex to that degree unease me.

Not that I don't like to talk, I just prefer silence over excessive speech. Babbling Talking for the sake of talking with no regards for the consequences of my words... doesn't appeal to me.

Not that I don't want to spend time with you, but it's Maghrib, and I don't want to be outside when it's Maghrib and I have to prepare for prayers anyway.

Not that I am not a spontaneous person, but it's midnight so I really don't feel like having impromptu night out anymore. If only you understand what dangers love to come play at night...

Not that I am a cold person, I just handle my anger slightly well than you.

I am not arrogant, I'm just made this way.

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