Feb 25, 2011

A Note For Him

Here's to wishing you... a good health :)

Bismillah. Glory be to Allah and all praise to Him, glory be to Allah, the Mighty.

[In case this note ever reaches you.]

Oh lelaki,


How the heart was begging us to cross the line? How our minds started to think if we should name the strange feelings inside?

And so,

Me and you, we both parted ways and embarked on separate paths.

Alas, fondness remains... as you were once my friend, as we once shared a moment together.

A moment that has intertwined with the path I had taken upon myself from then on, a path that has brought me to a bigger purpose, to my One, true Love.

And so I wonder today,


Where are you now? How are you faring with this temporary life?

I hope we both had changed for the better. Remember how clueless we used to be?

I hope you are constantly in the remembrance of Allah. I hope you are always smiling. 

I wish life treats you good. For I hope you are always, always in Allah's protection.

I hope you had found peace and purpose in life. Just as I had found mine. Because you see, we weren't so different back then, you and I. We were both searching - for something. And so I hope you had found the beauty in our Deen.

Let's climb our way to Jannah, insyaAllah. May both of us be there, on the day, when our Creator says:

"So enter, My servant. And enter My paradise" (Al Fajr: 29-30)

May Allah bless, always.

For him. (You know who you are)

Feb 5, 2011

Please Let Go

Jangan mengucapkan kata-kata indah dan manis buatku,
 kerana aku takut akan menyayangimu.

Jangan mengambil berat tentang diriku,
 kerana aku bimbang akan mengasihi dirimu.

Jangan terlalu baik padaku,
 kerana aku takut akan merinduimu.

Jangan memberikanku kenangan atau harapan,
 kerana aku khuatir akan jatuh cinta padamu.

Jangan menghargai pertemuan itu,
 kerana aku tidak mahu menderita kerana kehilangan dirimu,
 lantaran perpisahan ini.

Untukmu, Adam.


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