Nov 7, 2011

First in the Family

A few weeks ago, my cousin got married. All of us, the cousins, are in the same age group (more or less) so to have the first person ever in the family to get married is a HUGE deal. So of course lah everyone has to be there.

Our family is a tight-knit one but we rarely have the opportunity to see each other often. We are scattered across the globe and everyone pretty much have a hectic life. So it was quite amusing to see everyone fighting tooth and nail to make sure they can clear out their schedule that week so we can all meet up and be there for the wedding ceremony.

The beautiful couple

Due to our so-called busy lives, none of us got to be personally involved in the wedding preparation. To be completely honest, since both the bride and groom came from powerful, high-status families of Datuks and Tan Sris, I was expecting an elaborate wedding with ostentatious decorations...

However, I was surprised to learn that they had in fact planned a simple ceremony instead. How sweet and humble.

My cousin's simple Nikah ceremony

My other cousins and I were in heavy discussion about weddings in general after we went back from our cousin's wedding. How big should our wedding be? If we decide to do it small, how small is small exactly? One of them plans to held hers at Hilton but of course, the hotel's ballroom has limited seats and she doubt she could limit her guests lists to only a couple hundred people. The attendees can easily reached hundreds! I see many fb posts, newspaper articles and blog posts criticizing the size of a wedding most Malay had and I understand where their thoughts and concerns are coming from, but sometimes you. just. can't. do a small wedding!

And then there's the issue of money. What do we reckon the overall cost of the wedding would be? How about hantaran, photographer/videographer, make-up and wedding dress?? I remember thinking, in the midst of the heated discussion: "Arghh, weddings is a whole new branch of science, right up there with advanced multivariable calculus and linear algebra!"

I am waaay too young to worry about this, folks*shivers*.

Quite frankly, all I want is an elegant, private ceremony attended only by mia familia and close friends. After nikah, makan-makan for those who attended the nikah ceremony and that's it! But then, things are always easier said than done, ey?

The Newlyweds: My cousin and her husband

Anyhow, I just want to wish a hearty congratulation to my cousin on her marriage. May you and your husband enjoy a lifetime of happiness and blessings from Allah SWT, insyaAllah. 

Much love,

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