Dec 9, 2011

It's that time of the year again...

FINALS!! The bane of my existence. Winter break is almost here and lately the weather has been cold and cozy, perfect for spiced apple cider, bundling under your blanket and sleeping.

NOT studying. Alas, sometimes there are no good choices.

So here I am stocking up on my Mountain Dew supply (FTW!), chugging coffee, trying to eat healthy and failing miserably, while jotting down small notes and memorizing key points from lecture notes and textbooks.

And many students seem to adopt bipolar disorder come exam time. Some tend to be a bit jumpy and freak out about the smallest things. Recently we got stuck in the elevator for a few minutes and this one dude started to scream "Oh my God, we're gonna DIEEEE just like in The Devil!!". Seriously?

On the bright side, Allah is al-Mujeeb
Rabbi Yassir wala tu-'assir. O my Lord, make things easier for me, do not make things difficult for me.

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