Jul 22, 2011

Post-Potter Depression

8 days since I last watched the last Harry Potter movies.

I'm still in post-potter depression.

I've re-watched the films.

Now rereading all seven books...

Thank you J.K Rowling for the best seven years of my life.

Thank you for introducing Hogwarts to me and teaching me about love, friendship and courage.

Potterheads, be strong.

Potterheads, promise me that you will give your children Harry Potter to read. 

But hey, lucky we've still got tumblr to soothe our heartache ^^

~Oh, yeahh.


Keretapi said...

salam :)

so yes, i've read your posts since the latest one, up until this potterhead post. i like reading your posts, about islam, LGBT and all, but i've just gotta leave a comment kat post potterhead ni jugak hehe. i'm also a potterhead 8)

btw just wanna say i love your weheartit account, and i like your blog, and i wish i know your tumblr so i can follow it as well.

i donno if you'll ever read this comment if it doesn't need approval, but oh well. just gotta.


Hana | The book smeller said...

uwaaah!! well thank you so much for popping in, and for leaving me this sweet as cake message!! (´∀`)/ hearing things like this always surprise me omf (*´ะด`)!!! but thank you, it makes me happy to know that my random thought spilling makes others happy?? hehehe (✿。n‿n。)~ I don't get any visitors here and I know I'm really slow at posting so the fact that you took time to read makes me feel thankful sobshjdbkl


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